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[Rough eng trans] Article on « I Miss You » in the french magazine Kpop Life Mag

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Jang Woo and Su Yeon are two teenagers in love. They get kidnapped on a winter’s day. Jang Woo escapes without Su Yeon and 14 years later, he still desesperately waits for her return. As a big drama fan, it had been a very long time since I last got so much into a drama. Discover with me this strong and addictive story.

The story

Lee Su Yeon is the daughter of a murderer. Even though his father just passed away, everyone in town consider her mother and herself responsible for his crimes – despite him being violent towards her.
One evening, she meets Han Jung Woo in a park of her neighbourhood. This lively boy is the son of a cold and strict businessman who doesn’t give him and attention – just like his new wife- and he is looking for some human warmth.
Both decide to become friends despite their loneliness, and a love story soon starts.

Because of Jung Woo’s fathern they get kidnapped and Su Yeon is beaten up and raped in front of the boy’s horrified eyes. During a moment of confusion, he manages to run away and purposedly abandons the helpless young girl. He tried to immediately find help but his father, responsible for the kidnapping, leads the researches in the wrong direction and Su Yeon is declared dead.
The case is closed but Jung Whoo receives a phone call of a few seconds, and recognizes Su Yeon’s voice. He then decides to leave his family and do everything he can in order to find her.

14 years later, he became a cop and still lives while remembering her (he goes to the same places, listens to the same songs, plays the same games). He doesn’t have a house and moved in So Yeon’s mother’s house years ago, still hoping for Su Yeon to come back. He doesn’t know that his next investigation will be in the house of Sy Yeon, who became Zoé.

After the terrible happenings, the young girl has been taken in by a young boy who was also running away from Jung Woo’s father, and since then, they never separated. The kid is also partly responsible for Su Yeon’s kidnapping but has never said it to her. They have a very fusional relationship because of their past hardships. How will Jung Woo and Su Yeon react when they’ll meet face to face? Is there an end to their love?

A perfect scenario

I Miss You is undoubtedly one of these dramas with such a well-written script that you’d stay willingly alone at home because you got addicted to the story. You helplessly watch the three heroes, broken by their past, unable to forget, and you cross your fingers to get a happy ending despite the events that make them sink always deeper.
Each episode has its share of revelations, like a puzzle that will only be completed at the last episode.

As for the love story between Su Yeon and Jang Woo, the drama deals with it in a very subtle way, making her feelings go from hate to love as she realizes that Jang Woo never stopped blaming himself for having abandonned her, and always waited for her.

Splendid actors

To depict such an intense and strong drama, there was a need for actors who could face such a challenge. Upon hearing that Yoon Eun Hye (Goong) and Yoochun (Rooftop Prince, JYJ) would play the main roles, I wasn’t much worried. But their performance went much further than what I was expecting. Yoochun is particularly striking with his interpretation of Han Jang Woo: his looks, the tone of his voice, he has this natural acting that makes me think that he was born to be an actor. He had already proved it in Rooftop Prince, but this  dramatic register ads yet a new color to his palette, making him one of the best currently-active drama actors in my opinion. Yoo Eun Hye give here her very first dramatic interpretation, far from the light style of Coffee Prince or Lie to Me, and that fits her just perfectly.

Let’s talk about the kids, Kim Seo Hyun (who plays So Yeon as a child) and Yeo Jin Gu (Jang Woo as a child), who are among the most requested child actors of the past few years and had already give an amazing performance for The Moon That Embraces the Sun, where they were already acting together.

My opinion

You probably got it already- I have been really touched by I Miss You, to the point that I already consider this drama as one of the bests of this still-so-young year. In my opinion, I Miss You is nothing less than a visual piece of work in which I can only advise you to dive without wasting any more time.

(Note – the article also includes a character description of Kang Hyeong Jun, Lee Su Yeon and Han Jang Woo. We are not translating it since it’s just a factual description using the official character descriptions)

Source: Kpop Life Magazine – March/April issue
Translation: JYJ Francophone


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  1. J’ai beaucoup aimé, un peu eu la gorge serrée aussi mais seulement pendant le passage des adolescents. Si je devais donner une note elle sera sûrement élevée dans les 8,5 ou 9/10. Le casting était excellent et regroupaient tous les acteurs que j’aime voir jouer en particulier Yoon Eun Hye et Micky Yoo Chun. Par contre je pense que j’aurais préféré une fin amère. C’est de cette façon qu’un drama mélodramatique me restent véritablement en tête. Mais bon, on va pas chipotter, ce drama s’est approché de la tête de mes classements.



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